<aside> ℹ️ What is this: Remember the Future Library is an ongoing interdisciplinary labor of love created by me, **a startup founder and curious human,** obsessed with building bridges of meaning.

This library is updated weekly with the best of books, blogs, scientific research, podcasts, videos and even music which help me make better sense of reality. I hope you find it a useful and engaging corner of the wisdom web.



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I keep a running tab of resources that I have yet to synthesize and include in this library. Kept in the margins for future enjoyment and possible synthesis, Check them out here.


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<aside> 🌳 **I’m Christina, the creator of this database.

Here’s What’s Currently In My Reading Rotation:**

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Music for the Soul 🎹

In either my past life or next life, I was or will be a musician. For now, I am simply a curator, with public playlists that integrate a plurality of genres, spanning classical, indie, spanish guitar, indigenous traditional music, electronic dance, natural soundscapes, and more. You can check out some of my curated lists here πŸ‘‡πŸ½




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