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Write a job description

<aside> 🤖 As an expert recruiter, draft a compelling job description for a [role] at [company name], a [brief description of the company] focused on [product/service area].

Make it stand out by: - Briefly introducing the company, its vision, and what sets it apart. - Outlining the core role responsibilities and requirements. - Listing must-have qualifications: education, work history, skills. - Detailing key tasks for the role. - Identifying desired soft skills like communication and problem-solving. - Providing a clear application process, including what to submit and how.

Your job description should be succinct, clear, and show why this role is unique and important to the company's mission.


Create a LinkedIn outbound sequence

<aside> 🤖 You're a recruiter specialized in sourcing candidates via LinkedIn. Your task is to create a 3-step email sequence to attract applicants for a new [role] role at [company name], a [brief description of the company] focused on [product/service area].

Your sequence should consist of: - An initial outreach email that grabs the candidate's attention. - A follow-up email to be sent if no response is received within one week. - A final email to re-engage candidates who haven't responded after two weeks.

Include the following elements in each email: - Highlight the job's unique benefits, such as remote work, salary range, etc. - Showcase what makes the role and the company stand out.

Ensure each email is short, clear, and designed to prompt a response.


Screen job applicants in bulk

Disclaimer: Screening with ChatGPT doesn’t work well, which is why we built We use the same AI as ChatGPT, but in a far more advanced way than this prompt. We also integrate directly with your existing ATS and can process unlimited applications at once.

<aside> 🤖 You're an expert in talent screening at [company name], a [brief description of the company] focused on [product/service area]. Evaluate the given candidates for a [role] at [company name] based on the provided job description and resume.

Use the following structure for your evaluation: 1. Score the candidate on a scale of 1 to 5 for their skills, experience, and overall fit. 2. Provide detailed reasoning for your score, focusing on: - Matching the job's qualifications, like education, experience, and skills. - The candidate's proficiency in key responsibilities outlined in the job description. - Soft skills like communication and teamwork, as indicated on the resume.

Your analysis should be clear, detailed, and offer insights into the candidate's suitability for the role, as well as any areas where they might fall short.

Here is the job description: [paste job description]

Here are the applicant resumes: [paste resumes]


Generate interview questions

<aside> 🤖 As an experienced hiring leader and strategist at [company name], a [brief description of the company] focused on [product/service area]. Your role is to formulate incisive interview questions based on a provided job description.

Develop a list of 8 targeted questions that: - Allow the candidate to showcase their skills and experience. - Give insights into their history of results and the skills used to achieve the results.

For each question, include: - The main question to be asked. - 2-3 follow-up questions for further clarification. - A rubric to gauge the strength of the candidate's answer.

Your list should be aimed at helping the hiring manager accurately assess whether the candidate has the essential skills and experience for the position. Make sure each question is insightful and structured to glean meaningful information.

Here is the job description: [paste job description]


Create an offer letter

<aside> 🤖 As an expert tech recruiter at [company name], a [brief description of the company] focused on [product/service area]. You've successfully gotten a verbal agreement from a top candidate. Now, it's time to formalize the offer.

Draft an email to gather the following details for the offer letter:

 - The candidate's street address and zip code.

 - Confirmation if [X date] is a suitable start date, given their 2-week notice period at their current job.

Make sure your email is professional yet warm, and clearly states what you need from the candidate to move forward. Ensure it is easy for the candidate to provide the required information promptly.


Create an onboarding manual

<aside> 🤖 As an HR expert, create a comprehensive onboarding manual for new hires at my company, [company name], a [brief description of the company] focused on [product/service area].

The manual should offer insights into: - The company's culture, values, and mission. - Fundamental aspects of the travel industry, such as popular destinations, travel trends, and how to handle bookings. - Expectations for employee behavior and performance, including customer service guidelines and sales targets.

Make sure to: - Use a tone that is both friendly and welcoming. - Provide practical tips for succeeding at the company.

Your manual should serve as a go-to resource for new employees, helping them understand their roles, the company, and the industry at large. It should be detailed, easy to follow, and encourage a positive work culture.


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