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Welcome! These guides will help you learn CrewLAB as well as shape your team leadership skills.

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Getting started

CrewLAB Platform Quickstart

Putting your Data to Work

How To Use CrewLAB Videos

Getting Started with LabCats

What’s new

What's new with CrewLAB?

Playbook: Using Technology to Coach

The Platform

Coach dashboard

Mobile app


Account and billing

Your Account

CrewLAB Settings

Pricing FAQs

Billing & Upgrades

Data Connections

Garmin Connect

Concept2 LogBook


Frequently asked questions

Joining and Creating Teams

How do I sign up for the first time?

How do I join my team on CrewLAB?

How do I add a second team to my account?

What are team codes? How do they work?

Additional FAQ’s

I’m an Athletic Director - what’s CrewLAB?

Is CrewLAB NCAA Compliant?

Additional CrewLAB FAQs

Make CrewLAB better

Tell us how to improve CrewLAB for you – and your team.

  1. Submit feedback via our feedback form.

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