The official player/staff handbook of the Dominion community.

Version 2.10

Dominion Modpack

Important Information

Founding Pillars

Rules & Guidelines

Reporting a Player


Ranks & Roles

Ban Appeals

Allowed Mods

Staff List

Player Commands

Server Settings


Shop Directory

Public Farm Directory

Points of Interest Directory

Upcoming/Past Event Directory

Wandering Trader Head Directory


Mental Health Support

Mob Head Drop Rates

Dominion Logos

Support Our Community

Support Dominion

Server Hardware & Costs


How To Own A Shop

How to use the Mailroom/Enderlink

How to use our Public Map Art Platforms

Dominion Redstone & Farms

WorldEdit/Voxel Sniper Guide


Staff Handbook

In Progress Pages

Getting Started

How To Use Creative

Community Hubs and Region Info



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