About Webiny

Webiny is an open source serverless CMS offers you all the enterprise-grade functionalities while keeping your data within the security perimeter of your own infrastructure. It's a flexible and scalable solution that allows you to create dynamic websites and applications without the hassle of managing servers.

Webiny Serverless CMS includes:

1️⃣ Page Builder - Drag&drop page editor. Pages are prerendered automatically and cached on CloudFront for lightning-fast delivery.

2️⃣ Headless CMS - Headless CMS with a GraphQL API. Build APIs and content models through a UI. It includes content revisions, localization, and fine-grain permission control.

3️⃣ File Manager - Upload files images. Search and organize your assets. It includes a built-in image editor for basic image manipulations.

4️⃣ Form Builder - Build forms with a drag&drop editor. Insert forms through Page Builder into your pages. It has webhook support and ReCaptcha integration.

All Webiny apps can be customized easily to fully fit an enterprise publishing workflow and integrate with leading identity providers like OKTA and Cognito.

About your project

Your project’s problem

Webiny is a highly customizable CMS solution encompassing four core applications: Headless CMS, Page Builder, File Manager, and Form Builder. Over the past couple of years, we have continually improved and expanded the functionalities of these applications. We strive to provide developers with a comprehensive understanding of our platform and the tools they need to customize it to their specific needs. However, we acknowledge that there is still a significant amount of information we have yet to cover.

To better address these gaps, we have spent a great deal of time responding to queries on our Slack channel. While we have been able to assist countless developers in this way, we recognize that this information should be documented for easy reference. That way, we can avoid having to answer the same questions repeatedly.

As more and more users adopt Webiny, we have also recognized the need for user guides that explain how to use our applications. While each of our four core applications can be used independently, they are designed to work together seamlessly. As such, we have created end-user documentation specifically for non-technical users. With these resources, we aim to make the Webiny experience accessible and user-friendly for all.

Your project’s scope

For Webiny, the technical writers will work on the following:

  1. Writing the technical guides on the topics mentioned in the section below.
  2. Migrating the valuable technical details from the Slack thread to our official documentation.
  3. Writing Headless CMS, Page Builder, and Form Builder user guides.

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