An IMDb walk-through created by Ben Currier from the Failure Guy podcast with much support from Vinnie Potestivo from I Have a Podcast and LinkedIn Expert Judi Fox

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Failure Guy on IMDb


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Podcasters! Don't sleep on this advice ->

Check out this LinkedIn post that Vinnie put up over 11 months before I showed him THIS how-to guide, and then his podcast was up on IMDb within the DAY!?!?!  Now, Vinnie is a pro when it comes to the IMDb backend, but I am not. However, since I made this how-to guide (basically so I didn't forget), I thought I would share it with you.  It started as a PDF that I directly sent the link to, but now I've put it for everyone to enjoy.

P.S. If you need tips & tricks on LinkedIn stuff, check out Judi Fox  at the top of the page.

P.P.S. Listen to this whole video, Vinnie talks about podcasts in the last 1/3rd or so.

P.P.P.S. OK now I'm honestly just writing a bit more text because I can see that his LinkedIn embedded thing is a bit tall, but this is the last moment I will waste your time, everything below and to the right is unbelievable content! GIVE YOURSELF SOME CREDIT (and a pat on the back once you're done, you can even message me your 'IMDb contribution' email after so you have someone to cheer you on).  Also, share this with your fellow podcasters!! ❤❤❤


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Vinnie Potestivo

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↗️Here's a tip that'll make you famous: TAKE CREDIT!

If you appear in an audio/visual project that is listed on IMDB, make sure you take the time to list yourself accordingly.

Producers, Casting Directors, Brands, and other businesses seeking to align with qualified individuals like you are using IMDB every day as a "who's who" cheat sheet that you want to be on! From experts and entrepreneurs to lawyers and doctors, it seems like people from all industries are making their way to media. IMDB is NOT just for actors or creatives.

(PRO TIP: Podcasts are an approved media format on IMDB- meaning if you produce your own podcast, you have a producer and host credit waiting for you as soon as you properly upload your podcast specs. Don't forget to give your guests credit for appearing in your podcast as well!)

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Why should I include my podcast on IMDb?

Carole Baskin's IMDb Filmography Listing

In case you weren’t already aware, now allows podcasts (as well as many other forms of entertainment like video games, music videos, and commercials) to be included in what was previously only an internet movie database. If you frequently have guests appear on your podcast, including your podcast on IMDb is something I would highly recommend. Any time someone looks at the filmography listing of one of your guests, your podcast will show up!

As an example, I recently interviewed Carole Baskin from Tiger King on my show. If you look her up on, you’ll find that under the ‘Self’ category, my podcast is listed there.


How do I submit my podcast to

If you’d prefer to follow along with the official documentation on, here’s how they recommend submitting your podcast. Both the submission process and updating new episodes aren’t always intuitive, so I will try to make it a bit easier to follow. I'll warn you about some of the issues and complexities that I ran into so you know what to look out for.  Sometimes your contributions can be rejected if you don’t follow along with the specific formatting and other rules that are in their custom submission system.


**How-to Part 1:

                                                        Submitting Your Podcast**

                                             **Step 1** - Click [here](<>) to go to IMDb's 'New title submission form'.

                                             **TIP:** You do NOT need IMDb Pro in order to submit your podcast but you do need to make an
                                    account using an email or signing in using one of your social  media accounts.

                                          **Step 2**- On the form, choose the 'Podcast Series' option under 'Type'.


                                            **Step 3** - Select the ‘Status’ of your podcast, depending on where you’re at in the process.


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