Upcoming Holiday Breaks/Personal Days:

Days off this Week:

Saturday & Sunday

Working Days this Week:


Typical Work Hours:

9:00 PM-5:00 AM

Vector Character Collection Progress/Release List

Client-Based/Commission Task List

Website & Ko-fi Task List

General Goals List

Character Request Queue

[**Lite] (Non-subscriber):**0

[**Fan-Inspired] (from subscriber):**0

[**Fan-Inspired](from non-subscriber):**0

[**Patreon Backlog] :**0

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Quarterly Goal Breakdown (2024)

**Q1:**Closing out Patreon activity and beginning the move to Ko-fi

**Q2:**Closing out Patreon activity and beginning the move to Ko-fi



How long do things take me to complete?

Please note that these time ranges have a wide berth because it’s based on the complexity of the characters I’m working with. Each character is a case by case situation and processing times may vary.

Creating/finalizing a character in ePic: 30 minutes-1 hour

Editing in Photoshop: 1-5 non-consistent hours

Vector Conversion: 30 minutes-1 hour

Animation in DP Animator: 2-4 hours

Scheduling tweets for a month: 2-3 hours

Creating a Patreon Post/Article (including proofreading and polish): 2-5+ hours

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