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What’s Going on Right Now (In a Nutshell)?

June had to be rearranged a bit since I had the unplanned surgical procedure come up in May. It will be a mixture of completing the June-August content setup,working on the midyear sampler and the CID. If I have time left over I’ll squeeze in some other things. I’m slotting at least three work sessions per task since I’d rather overcompensate and have extra time than not put aside enough time to work on things. I’ve set up agendas for the next couple months as well if you’d like to sort of see ahead to what I have planned for the upcoming months.

Quarterly Goal Breakdown

**Q1:**completing 2022 backlog

Q2: Fanpro Friday & Sketchdaily Archiving/Animated Twitter Character Backlog/Character Request Updates/Owl Tier Updates

**Q3:**Redbubble Store/Vector Collections/CRM Setup/New Book TOC

**Q4:**Blog Restoration,Potential Support Kickstarter Setup & 2024 Setup