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<aside> 👋 Welcome to RemoteHamRadio's help center! Here you will find resources for setting up and troubleshooting access to our worldwide network of world-class stations.

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Pricing adjustments in 2023

🌛2M EME Operation

Getting Started

Lee (WW2DX) goes over how to use the RHR Console in depth and shows you the in’s and out’s like how to get signed in, how to connect up to a station, where you can access your account settings and how *airtime works! so check out this video and become a RHR expert operator!

Operating Basics

System requirements

Recommended peripherals

Identifying yourself on the air

Rates for TX and RX

Code of Conduct

Desktop App on PC/Mac

Installing the RHR desktop app

Troubleshooting serial devices in the desktop app on macOS

WebDX on PC/Mac

Installing Google Chrome

Tips and Hints

Microphone Problems


Installing SmartSDR

Upgrading SmartSDR and Maestro

Operating with Maestro

Operating with SmartSDR

WebDX with Maestro SmartControl

Installing a FlexControl Knob

WebDX on Mobile

📱Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android

Elecraft K3/0-Mini

K3/0-Mini Legacy Support

RHR Video Tutorial Series

Advanced Operating