<aside> ⚡ How It Works For Podcasters

  1. Make sure you have filled out the Verified Podcast Exchange form for independent podcasters!
    1. If you are a brand in search of a Podcaster, apply here!
  2. Apply to any brand you'd like, using your name and email.
  3. If a brand has interest, they will reach out directly to you via the contact information provided. </aside>

What Do We Do?

Our goal is to connect independent podcasters with brand sponsorships.

How Does It Work?

⭐️  Brands

Podcasting offers brands a unique and industry-leading way to connect with like-minded audiences outside of the noise and ad distractions of social, television, and radio platforms. We help brands find independent podcasters seeking brand sponsorships.

🎙  Podcasters

At VPEx we focus on the independent podcasters who would otherwise be lost in a see of celebrity and commercial podcasts and we help connect them to brand sponsorships.

How Do I Get Paid?

VPEx Brand Services

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