Regular meetings of the Whitestone Public Library Board usually occur on the third Monday of each month. The library breaks for the summer during July and August. Meetings take place at the Whitestone Public Library and are shared over Zoom. Members of the public are welcome to join board meetings either in-person or virtually!

Upcoming Meetings

Special Meeting: May 1, 6:00 PM to discuss library summer events

May 22, 2024 at 6:00 PM

Upcoming Committee Meetings

Advocacy: April 16, 2024 at 4:00 PM

Policy: April 24, 2024 at 3:00 PM

Evaluation Form: May 9 at 3:30 PM

Service Policies.pdf

Art Donation Form.pdf

2024 Meeting

Agenda January 2024.docx

February Agenda.docx

March 2024 Agenda.docx

April Agenda.docx

January 2024 Minutes.docx

February 2024 Minutes.docx

March Minutes.docx

2023 Meetings

January 2023 Agenda.docx

February Agenda.docx

March Agenda.docx

April Agenda.docx

May Agenda.docx

June 2023 Agenda.docx

July 2023 Agenda.docx

September Agenda.docx

October 2023 Agenda.docx

November 2023 Agenda.docx

December Agenda.docx

February Minutes.docx

March Minutes.docx

April Minutes.docx

May 2023 MInutes.docx

June 2023 Minutes.docx

July Minutes.docx

September 2023 Minutes.docx

October 2023 Minutes.docx

November Minutes.docx

December 2023 Minutes.docx

2022 Meetings

January 2022 Agenda.docx

February Agenda.docx

March Agenda.pdf

April 2022 Agenda.pdf

May 2022 Agenda.docx

June 2022 Agenda.docx

September Agenda.docx

November 2022 Agenda.docx

January Minutes.docx

February Minutes.docx

March 2022 Minutes.pdf

April 2022 Minutes.docx

May 2022 Minutes.docx

June 2022 Minutes.docx

September 2022 Minutes.docx

November 2022 Minutes.docx

2021 Meetings

January Agenda 1.docx

February Agenda.docx

March Agenda.pdf

April Agenda.docx

May Agenda.docx

June Agenda.docx

August Agenda.docx

September 2021 Agenda.docx

October 2021 Agenda.docx

Nov 2021 Agenda.docx

December 2021 Agenda.docx

January Minutes.pdf

February 22 Minutes.pdf

March 2021 Minutes.pdf

April 2021 Minutes.docx

May 2021 Minutes.pdf

June 2021 Minutes.pdf

August 2021 Minutes.docx

September 2021 Minutes.docx

October Minutes.docx

November 2021 Minutes.docx

Dec 2021 Minutes.docx

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