Release notes 2nd edition

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Announcing Statement's Product Updates


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Hello and welcome to Q2!

First, we hope you’ve had a great start to 2024. With Q1 officially behind us, we’re excited to share five new feature releases to the Statement Platform. This quarter's updates not only bring improvements to existing features but also introduce new functionalities designed to streamline your cash management process. These updates are available to all users now, and as always, we welcome your feedback to help us continually improve.

Let’s dive into the key highlights.

New “Data Enrichment” page

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We understand the importance of accurate data for making informed decisions. With the introduction of our new Data Enrichment Module, you can now effortlessly review and edit transaction details in bulk. From categorizing transactions to updating counterparty information, this module empowers you to enhance the quality of your data and derive deeper insights from it. Approve reviewed transactions with ease, moving them seamlessly to the approved tab for process completion.

Cash Application: New “Analytics Dashboard”

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With this upgrade to our Cash Application module, users can now access a more holistic view into the status of open and closed invoices. The new Analytics Dashboard within Cash Application tracks “reconciled invoices,” “collected transactions,” and “outstanding balances” all in one-place, and in real-time. This ensures our users can stay on top of the highest priority invoices without manual checks.

Accounts: New cash balance views

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With user feedback as our guidance, we've improved the usability of the Accounts page by adding new cash summary details across the top. These additions include a “Total balance” and a “Checking account balance” and “Liquidity account balance.” For added visual clarity, we’ve also updated the “account-type” icons.

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