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Unlock a new level of financial control with Statement's latest updates. The Currency Dashboard, featuring insightful views and dynamic charts, empowers you to track your financial journey with precision, while the upcoming Cash Application Dashboard, set to launch in Q1 2024, promises real-time visibility into outstanding invoices, collected transactions, and highest priority invoices, ensuring a seamless workflow. Plus, enhance your financial connectivity with 12 new bank account integrations, and experience automated efficiency with the new Statement Feeder and enrichment layer, eliminating manual processes for a streamlined experience.

The currency module dashboard

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Aggregating data from all your bank accounts, subsidiaries, and systems, Statement is now offering a new currency chart, in the currencies dashboard, showing status by currency over time for the selected period.

The currency dashboard offers 3 main views

The currency dashboard offers 3 main views

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This dynamic representation allows you to track currency balances across different periods, providing a historical perspective on your financial journey.

Currency Movements by Period

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Stay in control of your financial narrative with the expanded Currency Movements feature, covering:

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Money In

Visualize the inflow of funds over time, gauging your financial growth.

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Money Out

Track the progression of funds leaving your accounts, aiding in expense analysis.

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