May 2024

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The Accountability Framework & the Making of Scheduling

🌟 What's New

Scheduling: Attendance & Availability

Gone are the days of having to remember who can make it. Plan your whole schedule and rock solid communication about availability with a few taps in the app. A record of Attendance is automatically kept for you 🙂

Screenshot 2024-04-26 144425.png


You can now create shared Events for your team in the app. So add your competitions, practice schedule team meetings and more.

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You can attach an assigned Workout to the event to make your expectations clear.

Add Workout to Event.gif

For power users, assign a pace target to those erg workouts, so that everyone gets a custom pace.

View Pace Target.gif

The best feature of this is that you can collect all those times in one place! And if some athletes do warmups or made up the workout on the bike, you those get pulled in too.

Log Workout to Assigned EVent.gif


It’s too hard to remember when John has a dentist appointment, when David is sick and the status of Jianna’s injury. Everyone on the team can now share their Availability up front.

And if any one can’t make it, they are politely asked to share with the whole team why they can’t make it.

Set Availability.gif

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