The Brij Knowledge Center is your resource for everything Brij. You’ll find answers to all your questions from how set up your Brij account, build your experiences, and integrate with the rest of your tech stack.

Each of the following pages contain short videos showing you how to navigate the Brij App. If you have any specific questions that you don’t see the the answer to, you can always reach out to us directly.

Getting Started


How to Install the Brij App

Personalization & Branding

How to Update Your Brand Logo

How to Add Social Media Links

How to Add Your Brand Colors

How to Customize Your QR code

How to Change Fonts

How to Customize Button Styles


How to Sync Brij with Shopify

How to Receive Form & Survey Responses Via Email

How to View Form & Survey Responses

How to Connect Zapier with Brij

How to Collect Purchase Details With Registration

How to Add Custom Code

How to Add Klaviyo to Brij

How to View Registration Google Sheet

Building Experiences

How to Create Product Experiences

How to Add a New Module

How to Add a Button to a Module

How to Add a Shopping Module

How to Add a Custom Module

How to Link an Experience to a Shopify Product

How to Reuse a Module

How to Add Registration or Email Sign up

How to Embed a Youtube Video in a Module

How to Create a Form & Survey Module

How to Add Email Capture

How to Add a Warranty Module

How to Add a Link Module

How to Add a Video Module

How to Reorder Module

How to Add a Document Module

How to Make a Redirect Experience

How to Add Iframe Module

How to Disable Complete Profile From Registration

How to Add Background Image/Video Post Registration

How to Add Variant Experience

How to Add Alternate Logo to Your Experience

General Instructions

How to Uninstall the Brij App

How to Deny & Approve a Receipt

How to Create Serialized Codes

Intro to International Routing

Brij Knowledge Center

Brij Best Practices

Sample Follow Up Emails

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