CrewLAB has everything you need – a shared team space and tools to help you lead your team.

Easy-to-use All-in-one platform Team engagement
CrewLAB manages all the behind the scenes tasks and metric reporting, so you can focus on coaching. We’ll keep workouts, wellness reports, videos, group chat, and team calendar all in one place – and online. CrewLAB encourages athletes to share their reflections and videos with the entire team, making themselves accountable for their own training.

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Events schedule

The event schedule becomes the single source of truth for everything that goes on with your team, from complex training plans to team BBQs and competitions.

Say goodbye to missed sessions, and confused athletes and share all your key dates and keep organized by using one calendar.

Video library

No more scrolling through message threads searching for a video, our secure Video Library is the perfect place to store your videos.

You can easily browse and share videos that are important for athlete feedback – as well as celebrating some of the most awesome moments on your team!

Insights and reporting

Get the inside scoop on your crews training trends, wellness and engagement reports, and overall performance.

It’s been termed as the ‘coaches best friend’ for a reason – it supports you to make the best decisions for your team.

Log in to the Coach Dashboard

  1. To log in to the Coach Dashboard, visit and select 'Log in', or visit to login directly. You may wish to bookmark one of these.
  2. From the login page, you will need to enter your CrewLAB account's email address and password.

Log out

To log out of Coach Dashboard, click your profile photo and click Log out.

Password reset

You create your CrewLAB password when you sign up. If you signed up with your Google account, you do not have an CrewLAB password, but you can make one by using the Forgot your password link.

If you forget your password, you can request a password reset link via Forget Password.

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