You can connect your Garmin Connect account to automatically upload workouts into CrewLAB. This works for many types of Garmin bands and watches.

<aside> 🚨 Before getting started, you need to have a Garmin Connect account.

Create Garmin Connect account here


Connect Garmin Connect to CrewLAB

From the menu bar, click on the profile icon then the cog icon.

In the Settings menu select ‘Connected apps’ then follow the prompts to connect your Garmin Connect account. The example below is from Concept2, but it works the same way.

Connect Concept 2.mp4

Garmin Watches

You have many options of Garmin Watches that will automatically sync on the water and cross training workouts with Garmin Connect / CrewLAB.

<aside> 📲 Garmin Fitness Trackers


Summary: How we recommend you use it

To get your workouts flying into the CrewLAB automatically, do the following

  1. Connect CrewLAB to Garmin Connect (see above)
  2. Choose a Garmin Watch and track all your workouts
  3. Ensure that your watch is syncing workouts to Garmin Connect

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