CrewLAB has everything you need – a shared team space and tools to help you lead your team.

Easy-to-use All-in-one platform Team engagement
CrewLAB manages all the behind the scenes tasks and metric reporting, so you can focus on coaching. We’ll keep workouts, wellness reports, videos, group chat, and team calendar all in one place – and online. CrewLAB encourages athletes to share their reflections and videos with the entire team, making themselves accountable for their own training.

Training journal

Just like with standard social media platforms, this is where the day-to-day comms for the team happen – it can include things like check ins, training workouts, polls and videos.

We’ve even incorporated GIFs into the feed because simply put CrewLAB loves GIFs.

Upcoming schedule

Each workout has a title, a session plan, and any extra space for any notes you want to share.

Overtime, you’ll also be able to view the training history and leaderboards in the Stats section.

Record a daily check-in

We’re strong advocates for athletes wellbeing which is why each day we send out a quick survey to all CrewLAB athletes to check in.

As a coach, this gives you insight into each Athletes mood and energy levels, which may affect their training load.

Check out our interactive demo here.

Log in to the mobile app

  1. From the login page, you can log in by either:

Log out

To log out of the mobile app, click on the Profile icon, then the cog icon and select Log Out.

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