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How much does CrewLAB cost?

CrewLAB is free to start. Some features like the Team Chat, Daily Check-Ins and the Schedule are free forever. If you want to use paid features in a team, you have the option to upgrade.

How do I purchase CrewLAB Pro or Org?

If you don’t already have a Team Space. Create one first by downloading the app and running through the prompts.

Once you have a team, you can request an upgrade link by emailing [email protected].

Can I purchase a paid plan for just one user?

Yes. There are 2 options.

  1. CrewLAB Pro for your Team Space: email [email protected]
  2. Joining LabCats: joining a coached training community as an individual athlete

What kind of permissions are available in the paid version of CrewLAB?

With a subscription to CrewLAB Pro or Organization+ you can use the coach, captain and athlete roles to give different access rights and controls to different people on your team.


Coaches can do it all! They control the team space and have access to all athlete data and check-ins. There’s even more coach-only features on the web in the CrewLAB Coach Portal!


Captains are a special type of athlete because sometimes even Coaches need a helping hand. Captains receive all the same permissions as Coaches within the mobile app except access to the results of the daily check-in.


Athletes need to focus on being athletes! They drive engagement by using CrewLAB’s core features: training journals, daily check-ins, etc.

Are there video/file storage limits?

There is NO limit for an active Pro tier subscription.

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