Welcome to our development blog for "Keeper’s Veil"; our psychological horror narrative game. Follow along to stay updated on our progress!

Stranded at sea amidst a brewing storm, this 2D narrative game requires the player to explore the strange happenings of the outside world from the isolation of a lighthouse. Taking on the role of a reclusive lighthouse keeper, the player must use various methods and technologies to communicate with people; gathering their perspectives and insights to discern the truth.

The concept is based on attempting to communicate a specific message and needing to understand information even in dire situations. Themes of superstition and sanity are also featured in this game, taking inspiration from Scottish folklore and unreliable narrators often found in Gothic literature.






Week 1

Brand Outline

Finalising the Narrative

Initial Radio Designs

Week 4

Using Twine

Day 1 - Part 1

First Itch Prototypes

Week 7

Design Retcon

Web Design

The Map

Week 10

Mechanic Update (2)

Physical Art

Student Showcase

Week 13


WASD - London Expo

Day 3

Week 16

Narrative Feedback

Keeper’s Diary

Updated Mechanics (2)

Week 2

First Unity Prototype

Updated Radio Designs

The Northern Lighthouse Board

Week 5

Unity Update

Day 1 - Part 2


Week 8


Hurst Point Lighthouse Trip

Version Control with GitKraken

Watercolour Shader

Week 11

Testing Day Prep

Logo Design

Day 2

Week 14

Updated Visuals

Networking on X

Fisherman’s Wife’s Letter 2 + 3

Week 17

Game Trailer

Final Thoughts

3D Printed Model

Week 3

Promotional Artworks

Documentary Plans

The Fisherman’s Wife’s Letter #1

Week 6

UV Wrapping

Day 1 - Part 3

Prototype Game Trailer

Week 9

Mechanic Update

Ink Integration

Sound Design

Week 12

Making the Letters

John Hansard Gallery

Plans Going Forward

Week 15

Making the Documentary


Updated Mechanics

Keeper’s Veil - Development Blog

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