The next gen of notes & docs

Simple. Powerful. Beautiful. Communicate more efficiently with Notion’s flexible building blocks.

Go way beyond text & bullet points

Code snippets

Native syntax highlighting for dozens of languages.


Collapsible sections make your docs easy to read.

Images & videos

Embed directly from Loom & YouTube, or upload your own.

Table of contents

Click to jump to a section. Updates automatically.

Math equations

You’ve never seen math look this beautiful.

And 50+ more content types

Like a bottomless box of building blocks…

Store docs where people can easily find them

Every team’s files, at a glance

Notion’s sidebar keeps your workspace organized no matter how fast you grow.

A screenshot of a Notion workspace showing a team space
Branch Logo

Having clear, searchable documentation in Notion saves everyone a lot of time and prevents a lot of mistakes.

Dmitri GaskinCo-founder, Branch

Get your team on the same page, literally

Collaborate on docs together

Just type the @ key to get someone’s attention.

A screenshot of a Notion workspace showing a Q4 team retrospective

Comments keep the ball rolling async

A consolidated view of feedback makes it easy to iterate, even across offices and time zones.

A screenshot of a Notion workspace showing a comment thread
Kin + Carta Logo

We can quickly build out a meeting agenda for a large group of people and still make it interactive and fun.

Scott StephensDesigner Operations Manager, Kin + Carta

For PMs, designers, engineers, and everyone in between

Wikis and Projects included, for the same price

Info from Figma, GitHub & more. Easy to share, easy to see.

Choose a template to get started

Write your next doc in Notion

Play around with it first. Pay and add your team later.

Desktop App

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