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Notion for education

Your notes, research, tasks, and more — all in one place. Free for students, teachers, and student orgs, with discounts for teams and schools.

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Free for student orgs

Running a student organization? Apply for a free Plus plan for your entire org. Now available for select global higher education institutions.

Trusted by thousands of students & schools

Notion has given me the confidence to pursue projects I wouldn't have otherwise because I know I have a tool that's gonna help me do it.
I really appreciate how you can bring together both the personal and business sides of your life together on a single platform without having to move back and forth.
WE LOVE NOTION! We've used Notion to teach a class and even do all the homework and assignments.
Tim TregubovDirector


Free for individual students & educators

Organize your personal tasks and notes with Notion’s free Education Plan. Unlimited pages & blocks, file uploads, and 30 day version history. Just sign up with a school email address. No credit card required.

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Hundreds of school templates

Our gallery features many templates from our community, including note organizers, teaching tools, research notebooks, and more.

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50% off for educators and researchers

Collaborate in one place with Notion’s discounted Plus Plan. Available only for K-12 and Higher Education institutions registered as 501(c)(3)’s in the US.

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Become a Notion Campus Leader

Want to represent Notion at your school? As a Campus Leader, you'll host events, receive a free team workspace for your community, and get exclusive perks.

Tools that work your way

Study and teach smarter, not harder.

Docs & wiki

Keep your class notes, assignments, and lesson plans in one organized place.

Embed anything

Create the world's most dynamic notes with code, video, images, equations, audio tracks, and more.

Drag & drop editing

Get your ideas on the page, then rearrange to structure your thoughts, outlines, and plans.

Publish online

Put any page online — like a resume or assignment. It's the fastest way to build and maintain a website.

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Get started for free, then add anyone you want.

Questions & answers

Why is Notion free for students and educators?

Notion is the perfect tool for school. We’d like to support the next generation of thinkers, dreamers, and leaders.

I’m already paying for a Plus Plan. Can I still get free access?

Yes! Detailed upgrade instructions are available in the help center.

Am I eligible for free Education Plan access?

You’re eligible if:

  1. You’re a student or educator at an accredited college or university.

  2. You have a school email address. We don’t accept student IDs or other documentation to verify at this time.

You’re not eligible if:

  1. You’re a K-12 student or K-12 educator. But you can still use our Free Plan with unlimited storage for free! Learn more on our pricing page.

  2. Your Notion account is associated with a personal email address, such as a or email address.

What happens when I graduate or leave my educational institution?

You can continue using your free Plus plan for education as long as it continues to be associated with your educational email address. We hope you’ll stick with us 🤞

Can Notion fill out vendor forms for my institution?

Because of the volume of requests we receive, we can only fill out vendor forms for institutions evaluating Notion Enterprise for 100 users or more.

Am I eligible for a free Plus plan?

Am I eligible for a discounted Enterprise plan?

You’re eligible if you’re an institution with a .edu domain, and considering Notion for 100 users or more.

Still have more questions?
Learn more in our help center.

Dario Figueroa

I've started using @NotionHQ over a traditional planner to try and manage my school work better and so far it's been a life saver. Love having everything in one workspace 🖤

Justin Liu

Currently rephrasing every relational algebra concept in my databases class as a @NotionHQ feature to understand it better 😬

Ari Sokolov

Loving @NotionHQ's templates for students as we finalize a workflow for @thetrillproject‘s campus fellowship program launching this Fall.

Will Yen

keeping up with class deadlines with @NotionHQ 😋👌🏼

Rohan Kumar

Sitting in class in @ideo chairs using @NotionHQ I love good design 😭😭😭


For bookmarks I use a link list on @NotionHQ. It’s nice because I have a page just for Lambda School and it’s on all of my devices.

Antonio Lopez

Use @NotionHQ for story-boarding your research paper as Kate L. Turabian would have you do it.

Pages within pages, headings, tables, Kanban boards, to-do lists, comments, tags, dynamic outlines, and the humble paragraph.

Picture your research with flexibility.

Auset Anima

#100daysofcode More #python, reviewing strings (splicing, indexing), #dictionaries and #lists. Prepping for my first university #programming class towards my BS in #computerscience. Discovered the @NotionHQ app & was able to get rid of 3 task apps for this 1.🥰👍🏿#WomenWhoCode


Introduced myself to @NotionHQ this morning to plan for my academic year ahead and this app is golden. It’s amazing. The best task managing app I have ever used. I fully recommend! #notiontwt #studytwt 🤩


T-exactly 1 week before my final year internal medicine clinical exam 🙃 but hey, at least my @NotionHQ notes are lookin good 💫 #notiontwt #studytwt #MedTwitter

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