A curious trio leaves the paper pile of Confluence behind to turn toward the ease and organization of Notion.
A curious trio leaves the paper pile of Confluence behind to turn toward the ease and organization of Notion.

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Thousands of teams manage their knowledge with Notion

Our Confluence wiki was a mess. Different teams would update different things. No one knew what was usable. Notion gave us the opportunity to rally around one tool for everyone.

Vijay Iyengar
Engineering Manager, Mixpanel
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Don’t just replace Confluence. Modernize all the ways you work.

Confluence, Jira and Trello are separate apps for separate things. Notion combines many tools into one, unifying your wiki, projects, and docs, and unlocking a new level of efficiency and alignment.

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Moving a large team?
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Project management
Drag and drop editing
Automatic page hierarchy
Real-time editing
Full functionality on mobile app
Gantt, Kanban, Calendars, and Galleries

Switch to Notion in minutes

Stop feeling locked into your tools. Our importer lets you preserve all your formatting and migrate all your docs in one batch — even if you have thousands of them.

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Moving a large team?
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Trusted to make organizations more efficient

Companies who switch see gains fast.

35%of the Fortune 500 use Notion
98%users save time with Notion
32%complete projects faster

When we used Confluence, people weren’t creating as much documentation as they should be. Now Notion motivates so many more people to share what they’re doing.

Dmitri Gaskin
Co-founder, Branch
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The next gen tool your team actually wants to use

We keep hearing the same thing: “Confluence is where docs go to die.”
Be the one who brings in a tool people love.

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An animation showing how easy it is to drag and drop content

Engage your whole company with ease

Say goodbye to tools you have to wrestle with to get work done — whether you’re a product, engineering, marketing, or sales team.

Notion makes creating, editing, and organizing content a snap. No one has to be intimidated by tools that are too technical to use. Create one hub that connects and empowers all teams.

Screen recording showing a page of different database views

Customize any workflow

Always have the perfect tool for any problem.

Notion doesn’t lock you into Agile Scrum, or any other system. Take our building blocks — databases, pages, checklists, media, embeds — and create any workspace you want.

No more context switching

Stop losing hours of productivity jumping between Confluence, Jira, and Trello.

In Notion, keep all your docs directly in your project management system so everything is findable and at your fingertips. No confusion, no duplicate work, total transparency, and clear organization.

Different organizations work and think differently. In Notion, you can create whatever workspace makes sense for your team’s shared mind.

Sai Hossain
Founder, Crowdcast
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Databases unlock any workflow you need

Confluence doesn't have them.
Notion does — and they give you superpowers.

An animation showing a label for priority changing status, being dragged and dropped and an assignee being tagged in a Notion database property view

Track anything

Manage projects, tasks, deals, people, docs, meeting notes. Whatever your team needs to succeed.
An animation showing multiple views of a database tasking tracks on a timeline

Visualize your work

See your information however is most helpful to you — as a table, board, calendar, etc.

Make a seamless transition

Our Enterprise plan has the features you need to move your large team from Confluence and upgrade your workflows while you’re at it.

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Dedicated success manager

Your own customer success manager to help onboard large teams and create custom workflows. Reserved for teams larger than 100 paying annually.

Advanced permissions

Extra permission controls to prevent certain employees from sharing pages externally, disable guests, and set workspace-level rules.

Custom contracting

We’ll work with you to create a custom contract and payment via PO/invoice. Reserved for enterprise accounts with over 100 users.

Unlimited version history

Access version history of any page indefinitely, not just 30 days.


Automate user provisioning and management. Create, remove, add, update, or retrieve any user or group.

Bulk PDF export

Export all of your content at once as PDFs. Handy for legal or compliance backups.

Thousands of teams manage their knowledge with Notion


How can I import my Confluence workspace into Notion?

You can copy your entire Confluence workspace into Notion in just a few clicks! Just follow the instructions in our Import Guide.

Does imported content count towards the storage limit for Free Plans with multiple members?

No, imported blocks will not count towards the limit. However, any blocks subsequently created inside imported pages will count towards the limit as usual.

Is there a maximum import size?

Confluence imports are limited to 2.5GB each. If you run into the limit, you can try using the Custom Export option in Confluence to select pages for export, omitting attachment-heavy pages.

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